Regardless of what age you are now, you have definitely heard of anime. The first thing that may come to your mind when you hear the word anime is a drawing that have been enhanced and involved in a lot of sci-fi and fighting with swords and somewhat medieval clothing. Anime is typically about fights, but there are anime’s over the years that are focused on love and romance.

Anime defined

Anime is an abbreviation of the word animation in Japan. Outside of Japan, anime is regarded as any animation from Japan, which is usually presented with vibrant and colorful graphics, effervescent characters, and fanciful themes. The Japanese animation started in 1917, and the growth of this industry continued to rise for the next decades, and the success and popularity of anime is a testament to that triumph.

Subbed or dubbed

An anime can either be subbed or dubbed. Subbed anime is an animation film from Japan that has been equipped with subtitles in the lower part of the screen in order for non-Japanese-speaking population to understand what they’re watching. Dubbed anime is where a Japanese animation film is modified, and the original Japanese voices of the characters are replaced with American language voices. Dubbed anime is great for people who want to seamlessly watch an anime without having to read the translation.

Why is anime popular?

Anime is widely popular around the world because it is different from the typical cartoons. Anime films are much more creative in the story, and they have depth with their characters, and often include the fight for justice. Not to mention that anime characters look awesome, giving the anime enthusiasts a precious way to escape reality and live in the setting where the anime characters and story are supposed to be. And the dramatization of anime films is always spectacular in nature.