Anime is a craze for most teenagers, and even for adults. Anime characters and their stories are with substantial life lessons, and how they evoke emotion is a wonder for a lot of anime lovers. If you happen to love anime and have a deep longing to learn how to draw anime, then you better keep your hopes up and never falter in your quest to drawing anime perfectly. Remember that there is no shortcut in drawing, so you need to start from the beginning.

Learn the basics in drawing

The first step you need to do is study the basics of drawing. Learn how to draw a perfect line, circle, squares, and other symbols. Study how to create perspective drawing, where objects appear smaller as they move farther away. Also, equip yourself with the basic knowledge of anatomy, proper shading, and the different hues of colors. Once you have complete knowledge of the basic in drawing, then you now have the foundation of what it takes to draw anime.

Study the anime drawings and styles

The best way to learn more about drawing anime is to study thousands of anime images and how they are drawn. Study various styles in drawing anime, and think of how you can draw yourself, with your own style. At first, start drawing anime with a guide, mimicking what has been drawn by the original artist, until you can proudly say that your drawing comes very close to the original drawing.

Keep practicing

Drawing anime is not an easy feat. You need to make time to practice and practice and more practice. Unless of course if you are not serious with your craft. But if you’re committed, never stop practicing until you can draw your anime without looking at a guide, and until you can draw from your own perspective. Be patient and practice every day drawing.