What is the difference between anime, manga and hentai?

When people look at adult content, most never imagine that cartoons are a part of them. However, many would be surprised to know just how huge a part of it they are. In fact, cartoons, manga, anime and hentai porn are among the most popular genres in the smut world. Adult sites which have such content receive millions of visitors on a daily basis. Moreover, such videos compile an astounding number of views, shares and comments.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of folks are not aware of what the differences between all of these genres are. Some speculate or believe that they are all the same. While the general idea is – animated characters engaged in lewd sex acts – there are some differences.

Anime Porn – The Japanese are the creators or originators behind this genre. Anime porn refers to either computer or hand-drawn animation. The word anime literally means animation in Japanese. The characters represent a use of abstract colors and graphics which are eye-catching. The themes behind them or the stories are generally fantasy based. Adult websites rank animated porn around the top 20. That is very impressive when you think about it. Especially when there are more than fifty genres and even more sub-categories.

Manga Porn – The majority of characters which are depicted in manga movies are from comic books. These characters are created in Japan and are often in that language. As the interest in animated adult content grew, manga porn did as well. Many of the characters seen in comic books can also be viewed embroiled in deviant sex acts of all types.

Cartoon Porn – The history of cartoon porn goes back decades. Adult magazines such as Hustler made cartoon pornography very popular. As the years passed by, technology has made cartoon smut more profitable, arousing and popular. A large portion of the characters illustrated in cartoon porno videos are fictional. Some resemble actual celebrities or other famous regular cartoon subjects. The difference is that unlike regular cartoon for kids, these characters perform sexually explicit actions.

Hentai Porn – No one would have ever expected hentai porno to be as popular as it is today. Yet according to statistics, it is the number two genre in porn. Only second to lesbian porn, hentai erotica has legions of fans all over the world. The word is translated from the Japanese word which means ‘pervert’. In hentai porn, the girls are exquisitely gorgeous with enormous, perfect and anatomically correct body parts. They look realistic enough to make tons of people fap over the images.

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